Ranch Girls Hooded Polar Fleece Jacke `GABBY` black (2398)

€ 109,90

ith the Ranch Girls Hooded Polar Fleece Jacket 'Gaby,' you'll embrace an entirely new fleece style, look, and cut. We combine a super comfortable, long, sporty design with elegant glitter embellishments. Along the YKK zipper, you'll find a discreet, softly shimmering glitter trim, also adorning the zippered pockets.

The Fleece Jacket 'Gaby' is available in Buffalo Brown and Black, ensuring you look chic in any situation, whether you're out riding or enjoying an evening in the city. Pet hair is easily removed with a damp hand or will come off after washing.

The hem is crafted with a soft and elastic binding band to ensure the equestrian apparel stays in place. The jacket is true to size and shouldn't be worn too large, as the moisture exchange of the fabric works best when worn with just a t-shirt or tank top underneath.

Discover a new standard of comfort, style, and functionality with the Ranch Girls Hooded Polar Fleece Jacket 'Gaby.' Whether you're riding or exploring urban spaces, this jacket will quickly become your go-to companion. Make a fashion statement and relish the unparalleled comfort this jacket offers!

  • 100% Polyester